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Re: Entitlement culture
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:02:42 pm »
1. So some Canadians are whining because the government won't send military planes down to the Caribbean to fetch them home. They went there for a holiday adn things aren't fun any more, damnit! MOMMMYYY!
2. There were hearings last week because Air Transit kept some people in its planes on the runway in Ottawa for hours and the way people who testified described it you'd think it was another Holocaust and they were lucky to survive it. There was no air conditioning! I was hungry! Hey, did you choose Air Transit because it had rock bottom prices or what?

3.  Almost a third of Canadians who live in this beautiful country pay no taxes.

Some points:
1. You're *kind of* defending the Trudeau government here.  Since we're being all switchy, I'll attack them: they did a **** job of communicating with people, as has happened again and again with Foreign Affairs.
2. I kind of agree with you here. 
3. Yes, but what was the case before the race to the bottom ?  Are people who are at the bottom end paying no taxes now, or are they making less money ?