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Re: Elon Musk
« Reply #345 on: September 20, 2022, 12:38:41 am »
Thank goodness he has people like you to white knight for him for free.

I'm not shitting on your article because I think Musk needs defending. I'm shitting on your article because I think that Paris Marx is a pathetic little sucky baby. I'm surprised that wasn't clear.

The part about Indigenous communities having concern with Star Link was one line in the article, but I guess that alone was enough to trigger you into doing some casual racism.

I was actually making fun of inane religious practices, not any race.

lol "Oh so Elon musk's factories are hotbeds of racism? Well did you know Henry Ford was friends with Hitler?"

This isn't a defense of Tesla/Musk on any of these specific issues, this is just hand-waving. Weak stuff.

I don't think Musk actually needs defending on any of these issues. California is a progressive state and I'm sure that their employment laws are up to addressing any specific issues at Musk's factory. I'm sure that the indigenous shamans will still be able to commune with the Great Raven Spirit even if a satellite crosses the sky for a moment or two.  Starlink is fully engaged with the astronomical community to find ways to reduce the impact of their satellites on scientific research.  The Boring Company will either build something someday, or it won't. If they fail to, they won't be the first company to crash and burn.

The kinds of objections Marx makes about Musk's businesses are the kinds of issues that have faced all kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries around the world for centuries.

Mx Marx wants to advocate for something much more dramatic than simply improving working-conditions at Tesla factories.

This is really puzzling line of attack since the term "automobility" appears exactly once in the article. I'm wondering how much coke you were on when you went on this screed.

Maybe a little, maybe more than a little. But that's beside the point.

Ultimately, Mx Marx's big complaint about Musk isn't that some Tesla workers have experienced racism, or that satellites make native people sad, or that the Boring Company has so far failed to produce any project of any significance.  Their real issue with Musk is explained in the final two paragraphs of their column. Their complaint is that charismatic figures like Musk are out their advocating for the idea that technology can solve our problems, and nobody is out their advocating for Paris Marx's ideal future where we live in pods and feed on vat-grown algae and soy protein.

LOL, you discovering the idea that people might have issues with cars beyond their carbon output in 2022 is like watching the apes at the beginning of 2001 discover tools.

I'm well aware that those people are out there.  I just think it's pathetic that instead of getting in the ring and advocating for their ideas, Marx is out here pitching these objections as reasons why "Tech Won't Save Us" (as they call their podcast).  Marx is the kind of person who listens to In The Year 2525 and thinks "yeah, they're singing about the kind of sustainable future we need to build."

There is simply no question that car dependency is a net negative for individuals and communities regardless of the carbon footprint. But evidently you like cars/driving so your personal preferences must be catered to no matter what.

So get in the arena of public ideas and advocate for it. Convince me and the millions of others who enjoy our "automobility" of how much better our lives will be if we give up cars.  Tell us why your vision of the future won't suck as much as I think it will. 

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