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Re: Education Culture
« on: October 18, 2020, 07:53:15 pm »
This is great.

I would consider how much the economic value of the degree is to you.  Having been through university, i know that the majority of the dollar value of the degree is in the piece of paper you receive and what economic/career opportunities you can do with that.  The large majority of the actual knowledge obtained at the university in arts/social sciences disciplines is obtained through the books/articles you read, with lectures summarizing and expanding on it.  Anyone can obtain this knowledge for $10 in late fees at the library.  Course outlines (with the readings) are often posted online at different universities.  I've made a habit of picking up used textbooks here and there and learning on my own.

But if the 20-30k or whatnot for the degree is of value to you for whatever reasons you decide then that's great, wish you the best if you decide to sign up!

On the one side, formalized education sucks in some ways because of the organized structure. On the other side, there's a reason it's like that, and learning the humanities would make us all smarter and more compassionate. It would also teach us better critical thinking skills.
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