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Re: Economics Culture
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Post-Work society: Fully automated luxury communism

I think people overall could benefit from shorter working hours.  I had a stint where my day was shortened by two hours per day, but my productivity did not change.  I felt much more focused while at work, and not increasingly tired as the week progressed. 

I agree that people need a reason to get up and busier people tend to be happier, but the "busy" doesn't have to be long hours at a job thst you tolerate or actively hate - especially when these jobs leave you too tired/stressed to really enjoy your off-time.

I think we can find a better balance between what's happening now for most people and "automated luxury communism".  I think we need to understand that an economic model built around unending "growth" has to fail at some point  In my opinion, a more realistic long term model would be to have an economic system where the goal is "comfortable" and not insanely wealthy.  Products would not be designed with replacement after two to four years, and the "newer better" would really be
better by a significant amount  not just a cosmetic change or a tiny upgrade.