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Re: Economics Culture
« Reply #135 on: March 24, 2020, 11:36:54 am »
for some time, the waldo has been HarperingOn about lost GST federal revenue: again, per the PBO, every percentage point of GST is worth about $7-Billion a year; accordingly, Harper Conservatives's 2-point GST cut in 2013 has cost a loss of, CONSERVATIVELY, $84 Billion to federal coffers!

in terms of Canada being in a better position to respond to this coming COVID-19 economic downturn, the waldo has been proven right. It sure would be nice to have that foregone $84 Billion back to add to the stimulus and recovery measures the government has needed to put in place because of COVID-19.  We'd have more room to expand debt-to-gdp and keep it at a reasonable level.

always listen to the waldo
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