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Re: Economics Culture
« Reply #90 on: March 09, 2020, 10:32:40 am »
Why do these debt/deficit proponents only point to the same economist?  Is Kevin the only economist in Canada?

What really needs to be shown is if it's better for Canada's economy in the long-term to run deficits and pay the interest payments on that debt, or if it's better to tax Canadians more to balance the budget and save on the interest payments, or if it's better to cut some of this spending to achieve a balanced budget, or if it's better to actually run a surplus and pay down our debt?

oh snap! Ya, he's the only guy... out there on a ledge all by himself - not ever, as member wilber drones on, "thinking of the kids, thinking of the kids"!  ;D

perhaps you should tout your favoured Conservative aligned economists that forego their own concerns over deficits/debt in favour of reduced taxation... and the grand (and disproved) posit that reduced taxation spurs the economy and creates jobs, jobs, jobs!