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Re: Drunk Culture
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Next time you're in Osoyoos, be sure to visit the Desert Cultural Center, which is by the Nk'Mip Winery. I spent a whole afternoon there and loved it.

And if you go on to Oliver from Osoyoos, here's what you're going to want to do. Take Highway 97 north from Osoyoos toward Oliver, but on the right hand side of the road, just past the end of the lake, turn right on Rd 22. It's just past the dead tree with the vulture. And on Rd 22, you're going to turn left just past the cactus and the speed limit sign with the bullet holes in it. If you get to the tumbleweed, you've gone too far, turn around and go back to the cactus and try again. Now you're heading north on Black Sage Rd. It's a beautiful drive. You can get to Burrowing Owl Winery here-- I didn't go last time and people yelled at me and told me I should have gone.  Then you get to several smaller wineries. Then there's a church, and people tend to keep going straight here and end up at the landfill. But not you. You're going to go past the church and turn left at the rattlesnake and then a quick right at the guy in the sombrero. If you get to the landfill, you went too far. Go back to the rattlesnake and try again. Past the guy in the sombrero, you're on Ryegrass Rd, and you get to the Church & State Winery, and the Silver Sage Winery. Silver Sage was great. Loved it. The old Romanian lady who runs the tastings is a blast.  After you leave Silver Sage and continue north on Black Sage Rd, you're going to want to turn right when you get to the 3 Mexican drifters.  If you get to the river, you've gone too far. Go back to the Mexican drifters and try again. Now you're on Lupine Lane, and you end up at Oliver Twist Winery. Stop here, do the wine tasting, buy the dessert wine, and then get back in your car, turn right at the Mexican drifters, cross the river, and now you're back to the highway.  But you're not done. Turn right on the highway, proceed north to Oliver, and now you're on Main Street. Look for the building that looks like a firehall. It's not a firehall anymore. It's the Firehall Brewery. People tend to go to the pub on the main floor. But not you. You're going to wander around the side and go down the steps to get to the brewery's tasting room. Taste the beers. Buy the "Holy Smoke" smoked stout. Now you're done.

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