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« on: June 19, 2017, 01:05:11 pm »
There's enough free content out there for the poor to watch.

Perhaps, but when I had no TV and was looking for free content, I didn't find much.   I now have basic cable again, but not HBO and I notice that I used to be able to get John Oliver on YouTube, but the last time I tried HBO had made it near impossible to watch.   No more free John for me.  I can access old stuff pretty easily, but rarely find anything current.   

Was talking to someone yesterday who called himself geeky, and accesses Hulu, which isn't broadcast in Canada.   Pretty sure that it's contrary to Hulu's terms of use to watch their content in Canada.  Would you consider this 'theft' as well?   

Perhaps the difference between us is that corporations so often behave immorally that I'm not too concerned if a few people get away with stealing from them.   Having said that, I prefer to pay for my content because I think there is also a slippery slope - somebody has to pay because if enough people don't, there won't be anything for anyone.   And especially for programs I really enjoy, like Game of Thrones, I think it's important to pay for that.   Thus, once a year I sign up for HBO, watch GOT, and then maybe keep it going a couple more months, then cancel my subscription again.