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« on: June 19, 2017, 12:17:47 pm »

They say 'Copying is not Theft'.  I say 'IS TOO !'.

Seriously their one argument is so paper-thin as to be mockable.  You can't "steal" Intellectual Property because it still exists after you took it.  False analogy.

I hope nobody here steals IP, seriously.  If so shame on you....

I agree, downloading or streaming media is theft.    I know people who stream content; their income hovers right around the poverty level and so if they can get free or near free content, good on them.  It's not like the media companies aren't making profits of billions even with content theft.   Of course, not everyone who illegally streams does so because they can't afford the cost of cable or to go out to a movie, but as long as we have a capitalistic society, we're going to have people who steal what the capitalists are selling.