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Re: Dog culture
« on: April 09, 2022, 11:24:41 am »
We've got an Arab Village dog, called a Baladi (means local in Arabic).  He's very fast, and very smart.  He once watched me try to teach our other dog how to fetch, and figured it out faster than she did.  He learned to sit on his hind end with front paws up after I praised him for that once.  However, whether he'll do any particular trick entirely depends on his mood.  He's not the type of dog I'd ever trust off-leash as he's far too independent minded.  He's more like a partner than a pet and is a two-person dog, allowing only myself and my partner to touch him for the last 11.5 years.   

Our other dog, a shepherd/rottie cross, passed last year.  She was very sweet, very eager to please at all times - and thought the sun rose and set out of my partner's butt.  :)  She wasn't so easy to train, as she'd get so excited she'd forget what we were supposed to be doing.  Despite her devotion to my partner, she wasn't particularly affectionate - she liked pets, but never really asked for them, but would always try to be in the same room as her favorite human.

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