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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #510 on: October 17, 2022, 07:16:16 pm »
Cop sees same or similar car that he says ran from him before.  Then goes up to him and he immediately runs.  Sounds like pretty good odds it was the same guy lol.  I also never said this was a fact, i said "according to the cop's claims".

They try to frame it as "innocent person just eating hamburger gets shot by cops".  They conveniently ignore that he ran from the cop on 2 occasions including right before the shooting, which is why the cop shot at him.

He fled the cops, twice apparently.

But my point is the narrative that "omg innocent kid eating burger shot by cop" is not the whole story.  What kind of idiot runs from a cop....twice? (according to the cop as he claims in the video).

Took you three times to qualify it and anyway, why would you believe the idiot cop in this instance?

I can admit this cop acted rashly, apparently outside policy and the law.  Can you admit this kid is a dumbass?  If the cop wasn't so rash OR the kid wasn't so dumb the kid wouldn't have been shot.

I invite you to drive away from a cop when he's ordering you to get out of your car and see what happens.  I mean WTF did this kid think was going to happen?  If a cop is trying to detain you, whether lawful or unlawful, and you run it's probably going to end in some kind of violence.  Best way to fight a cop is with your mouth or in court.

You assume the kid knew the guy was a cop when he didn't identify himself, it was nighttime, whatever.

And regardless, I don't think the punishment for trying to get away from a cop should be summary execution. Also, why are you holding agents of the state with a monopoly on violence to the same standard as a dumbass 17 year old?