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Re: Defund the Police
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Completely irredeemable. Time to burn it down and start over.

The follow up:

Keller to Pay $200K to Man Pepper Sprayed by Police After He Videotaped Son's Traffic Stop, Lawyer Says

The city of Keller has agreed to pay $200,000 to a man who was pepper-sprayed and arrested after he videotaped a police officer who pulled over his son for making a wide right turn, according to the father’s attorney.

Marco Puente filed a lawsuit in federal court in Fort Worth last month against two Keller police officers alleging excessive force and illegal arrest in the Aug. 15 incident.

According to the officers’ body camera footage, Marco Puente’s son Dillon was pulled over by Sgt. Blake Shimanek for making a wide right turn.

Dillon Puente’s father soon appeared at the scene in a separate vehicle and started to videotape what was going on from across the street.

That’s when Shimanek ordered another officer, Ankit Tomer, to arrest the father and pepper spray him. Tomer was also named in the lawsuit.

Both the father and son were taken to jail but police supervisors quickly dropped the charges after they reviewed the case and Shimanek was demoted to officer.


Former Keller Officer Indicted After Controversial Arrest Of Father Filming Son's Traffic Stop

A former Keller officer has been indicted after an incident in August 2020 involving the pepper spraying and arrest of a father who was filming his son's traffic stop.

Former Sgt. Blake Shimanek was charged with official oppression, a Class A misdemeanor with jail time of up to one year. Shimanek resigned from the department earlier this year.

Rare W for police accountability.

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