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Re: Defund the Police
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The Omaha Police Department (OPD) in Nebraska plans to trade tens of thousands of dollars' worth of expired helmets and bulletproof gear for roughly $3,000 worth of firearm equipment in a deal with a local tactical shop that has hosted international far-right politicians and an anti-Muslim speaker.
NAGV and local activists have also accused Tactical 88 of including Nazi messaging in its branding, something the company adamantly rejects. NAGV called 88 Tactical “a gun business with disturbing Nazi branding” in its press release about the swap. It noted that “88” is a code used by neo-Nazis for “Heil Hitler,” the Nazi salute. (“H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.)
Another screenshot of the inside of 88 Tactical’s shooting range shows an elevation map with the highest point at an elevation of 1488 feet. But according to Peak Bagger, a website that tracks elevations, Omaha’s highest point is around 1,270 feet.

Frequently linked to white supremacy, the numerical combination “1488” combines code for “Heil Hitler” and the 14 Words, a white nationalist saying that extremist David Lane coined. The 14 Words refers to securing a future for white children.