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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #420 on: June 02, 2022, 06:14:47 pm »
See the problem here is I'm approaching this from a normative perspective and you're not.

No the problem here is you think this guy is somehow a victim and that he ever had any intention of ever complying with the law.

He had 3 warrants out for his arrest, so sounds like he wasn't showing up to court.  He lost his license from driving around drunk, but was still driving around drunk when the cop stopped him.  Then he resisted arrest.  He had no intention of ever following the law.

This human piece of crap was endangering innocent people's lives driving around drunk, he deserved to be in jail for life or dead.  Cop just saved taxpayers a whole bunch of money keeping this guy in a cell the rest of his life OR saved somebody's life that would have been killed when he inevitably got released.

Don't hit your woman.  No.  Don't drive drunk:  no.  Don't drive at all.  No.  Don't drive an unregistered vehicle.  No.  Come to court x3.  No x3.  Surrender to the police x3.  No x3.  Stay inside your vehicle.  No.  Put your hands behind your back.  No.  Don't run from a cop trying to detain you.  No.  Don't fight a cop.  No.  Let go of the taser.  No.  OMG cop why you escalate!
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