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Re: Defund the Police
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It was in the link I posted.

Anyway, you're missing the point, which is there was literally no reason for the cop to escalate the situation to the point of physical confrontation.]

The guy wasn't listening to his lawful orders.  If you're not cooperating and the cop tries to detain you it's not in your right to resist then flee and then fight a cop and grab his weapon.

If you get pulled over your supposed to sit in your car, roll down your window, place your hands on the wheel, and don't reach for anything, and if you have to reach for your wallet or anything tell the cops exactly what you're going to do.  You won't get shot doing this.  Tons of people are driving with a gun in their car in the US, cops are on edge.

They're are scared for their lives.  Put yourself in the cops shoes.
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