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Re: Defund the Police
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I don’t think a traffic violation should be an executable offence.

Lyoya wasn't shot because of a traffic violation, it was that he got out of his car during the stop, would not comply with anything the cop said, then resisted arrested for quite a long time and fought with the cop and kept grabbing the cop's taser.  Eventually the victim got a hold of the taser then the cop grabbed his hand and made him drop it during the struggle and I think the victim picked it up again as you can hear the cop yelling to him "drop the taser!" right before the cop shot him.  Black dog conveniently left out all of this information in order to push his victim narrative.

On top of that, the plates didn't match the vehicle, meaning likely a stolen vehicle, he was driving with a suspended license because he's been caught driving intoxicated multiple times, he was legally intoxicated at the time of the stop, and there were 3 warrants out for his arrest LOL:

"At the time that Schurr pulled him over for having an improper vehicle registration – its license plates were registered to a different vehicle – Lyoya was on probation and his license had been revoked for a third time, most recently since March 20, 2022, following his third substance abuse conviction in 10 years. He also had three active warrants for his arrest: the first for a traffic accident on Christmas Day 2021 where Lyoya allegedly fled the scene; a second for failure to appear at a court hearing; and a third for domestic violence issued just three days before, after the mother of one of Lyoya's children accused him of punching her and smashing her face into a car in a dispute over bedsheets.[2][24][28] It was later determined that Lyoya had a blood alcohol content of 0.29, more than triple the legal limit of 0.08."

Video of incident:

There's lots of times cops abuse their power, but a lot of these examples were brought on by the civilian.  If I ran from a cop or fought with a cop or grabbed their weapon I would assume I could be shot at any time.

Given this man's continuous criminal history he probably should have been deported at some point.
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