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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #345 on: February 07, 2022, 01:46:41 pm »
Retail theft has emerged has a hot issue in San Francisco as stores cope with a crime spike

Imagine laughing at this type of thing?

San Francisco Has Become a Shoplifter’s Paradise

Libtard policy at it's worst.

It's hilarious watching idiots like you fall for corporate and cop propaganda when the actual numbers don't support anything they say.

Data released by the San Francisco Police Department does not support the explanation announced by Walgreens that it is closing five stores because of organized, rampant retail theft.

One of the stores set to close, on Ocean Avenue, had only seven reported shoplifting incidents this year and a total of 23 since 2018, the data showed. While not all shoplifting incidents are reported to police, the five stores slated to close had fewer than two recorded shoplifting incidents a month on average since 2018.
Four years ago, Walgreens told shareholders it planned to close 600 stores nationwide. It wound up closing 769. In 2019, the Illinois company said in a U.S. Security and Exchange Commission filing that it would shutter 200 stores, or fewer than 3% of its 10,000 locations in the U.S. — one of several cost-saving measures projected to save $1.5 billion in annual expenses by 2022, according to the filings.