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Re: Defund the Police
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We learned that the murderer's colleagues thought so highly of his character that they nicknamed him "the rapist". He and other members of the force were part of a social media group where they exchanged misogynist jokes. We learned that there were indecent exposure complaints regarding the murderer that should have been a red flag to alert the police to what kind of guy their colleague was. But three different police forces over almost 20 years didn't seem to care enough to bother.   We learned that the vetting process was more or less a sham.

The Met's commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, assured Londoners that the murderer is "a bad 'un" who doesn't represent the whole force. But clearly there's institutional rot in the Met as in many other police forces, and clearly there are a whole bunch more "bad 'uns" who gave cover to this guy for a long time.


There are no good cops.  A good cop that looks the other way when wrongdoing happens is not a good cop.  The only good cops are the ones that resign because of this fact.

Most people in general care more about their jobs than ethics.  That's pretty sad.  Sometimes it makes sense when you have a family to feed, other times people are just selfish jerks.
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