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Re: Defund the Police
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I really hope these officers are held to account. 

But why do I have the feeling that this will just be brushed aside?

That's pretty bizarre.  Here's another bizarre wellness check, from Kelowna in 2020:

Officer's story is that the individual had a history of suicide attempts, so when she found the individual on the floor of the bathroom, surrounded by pills, an empty wine bottle, cuts on her body and a box cutter in her hand, the officer concluded the best course of action would be to handcuff her and literally drag her out of the apartment, down a hallway, to the cop car to transport her to hospital.  Her excuse for this behavior was because she wasn't sure emergency responders would be able to access the building, begging the question of how the police officer gained access and why emergency responders wouldn't be able to do the same.  The video is pretty disturbing to watch. 

The officer in this lawsuit has had two additional lawsuits filed against her, though one at least was disallowed because it passed a time limitation.