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Re: Defund the Police
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I really hope these officers are held to account. 

But why do I have the feeling that this will just be brushed aside?

While on hold, the woman inside the home saw the female officer moving her security cameras to face another direction. That’s when she dialed 911. She says she was scared of what could happen next.

“I might die today,” she recounted. “I actually texted a couple of people. I said, ‘this happened, just remember that, and that might be it.”

She says one officer then tried to kick down her back door. Photos sent to CityNews purportedly show dents and cracks on the doors, and a split door frame.

The homeowner says the officers left the area after she spoke to the 911 operator.

She says she later contacted EPS and was told it was a “wellness check” but the Service refused to tell her who exactly made the call.

Criminal lawyer Tom Engel tells CityNews he believes this was not proper police protocol.

“No. In fact, I would think it’s criminal behaviour on the part of the police,” said Engel. “They are interfering with private property, which is the crime of mischief to private property. And they are obviously trying to make sure there is no independent audio/video record of what they are doing, and that’s obstruction of justice.

“It should be investigated as a criminal offence.”