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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #195 on: April 22, 2021, 02:02:45 pm »
Extremely good breakdown here of why "better training" or "more accountability" of police isn't enough.

Seriously read the whole thing.

I totally agree.  Ultimately the fault is with the mayors and city councilors who turn a blind eye to abuse of power.  If cops abuse their power they are accountable to their sergeants who are their supervisors.  These sergeants are accountable to the Chief of Police.  The Chief's boss is the mayor and the city council.  If everyone in the chain of command turns a blind eye people can get away with things.  Everyone is covering for the next guy and nobody really cares.

I worked at a job where we served the public.  When one of my colleagues did something wrong against a client the client would ask for the supervisor.  The client would complain to the supervisor, but all the supervisors would ALWAYS cover for the employee.  They'd NEVER admit anyone did something wrong even if they did.  It was actually disturbing to me.  It was the same "protect your own" mentality.  There was no accountability.  The client could file a complaint in writing but it never did anything.  There's no justice.
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