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Re: Defund the Police
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This completely falls apart when you look at how many unarmed, compliant black people in the US and indigenous people in Canada have been murdered by cops over the years. The cops disproportionately escalate their response to violence when they're dealing with people who are not white. I'm sure some of the time they do this unconsciously but the perception of violence and risk is absolutely a racially biased phenomenon. This is what systemic racism means. It's not that individual cops are prejudice; it's that people's skin colour play a role into cops perception of risk whether they're personally aware of it or not.

Here's the stat database on police shootings in the US we can run ourselves:

In 2019 there were 424 white people shot and killed by police in the US.  Of those 424, 26 were unarmed, and of those 26 there were 19 who were not fleeing the scene at the time of being shot.

In the same year, 252 black people were shot and killed by the police, of those 252 there were 12 who were unarmed, and of those 12 there were 5 who were not fleeing the scene at the time.

Of those shot and killed by police, a higher proportion of those who were unarmed and not fleeing the scene were white.  However Black people make up only 13% of the US population, so a disproportionate amount of black people are getting shot in general.  But a disproportionate amount of blacks also make up those in jail ~50%, including ~50% of all murder convicts being black.  That could mean many things:  blacks commit more crime (due to poverty etc), or racial bias in policing and/or the justice system and/or lack of access to good lawyers due to poverty.

Anyways, it's likely true that cops escalate their response when dealing with black people, especially young black men, similar to how many white people are more nervous walking past a group of young black men late at night than a group of elderly white women, or even a group of elderly black women. That doesn't make it fair or right, but it's the reality of our perceptions and emotions I guess, and is unfortunately backed by generalized statistics of violent crime.
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