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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #60 on: January 13, 2021, 03:58:10 pm »
Because no one got hurt you say they weren't needed.
The threat of overwhelming force is a great deterrent. Weakness gets people killed.

By this logic, we should give cops helicopter gunships and stealth bombers because you just never know. Here in Canada studies have shown that reactive calls such as hostage situations and barricaded subjects comprised approximately 25% of tactical unit deployments. The rest is serving warrants and duties that could be handled by regular cops. But these units are hella expensive and need to be used to justify their existence.

In New Brunswick three RCMP officers were killed and two more wounded by a single gunman for the simple reason he was better armed.

Well that and there were multiple warning signs that this guy wasn't right in the head that were either ignored on not transmitted to the authorities.
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