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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #45 on: January 13, 2021, 12:30:39 pm »
Cops do a great job, if you’re white.
Whenever Kenrick McRae uses his car, he does a thorough spot check first. Before he gets in, he walks around the car, even testing the brake lights by putting a brick on the pedal to verify that the lights are on.

"I always want to be on the right side of the law," he told CBC's The Doc Project radio program.

But no matter how scrupulous he is, McRae, who is Black, can't seem to avoid being stopped by Montreal police. He's been pulled over dozens of times, he says, some months, as many as 15.

If you’re black, then not so much....

How many times have I been pulled over seemingly randomly?  Never. 
Do I need to walk around my car and test that everything works before leaving my driveway because I don’t want to give the cops any reason to pull me over?  No, never.

THIS is exactly the kind of thing that needs to stop and why “defund the police” is an excellent slogan.  **** the racist cops and **** their enablers....  each and every one of their colleagues who don’t push for things like this to change are just as bad as they are. 

$486 dollar ticket for having an open container of booze in the car when he was taking his bottles to the recyclers.

Smash the entire thing and rebuild it.  Fire every single officer once by one systematically across each police force and re-hire some of them back.  Start removing the racist ones and force them to PROVE they had a reason to pull over each and every person they pulled over that day.

I didn’t want to give my anecdotal experiences, as anecdotes aren’t really that useful, but these are interesting. 

I now a guy who is black that refuses to get a licence and drive a car because of how he has been treated in places in Canada when he has driven.

I know another guy, he’s S. American living in small town BC...  they often block the only road in and out to look for drunks, etc ...   Depending on the reason for the roadblock, most cars just get waved through....  never his.  There is ALWAYS a reason to pull him over “randomly”.