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Re: Defund the Police
« Reply #45 on: January 12, 2021, 04:26:06 pm »
That drugs weren't a factor in the crimes against myself? Again, pretty sure.

I am not a drug user myself. I have never had any in my possession. So these people weren't robbing me to "get my stash".

 The guy that broke in was someone I had previously met. He was not some "street junky". And when my identity was stolen, the people took out credit in my name to buy things like TVs.

I have no problem believing that the "war on drugs" is a waste of time, and that drug laws should be lightened up. But I doubt very much whether you can trace the majority of crimes like robbery or fraud to "Well, they only did it because drugs were illegal"

I bet a lot of petty robbery is related to addiction and poverty. And there's also a lot of organized crime involvement in identity theft rings and fencing stolen goods as well as drugs so I'm not sure you can disentangle this knot.

(For the record, in my case no arrest was ever made for any of those crimes I mentioned. In my case the police were completely useless, and its probably that way in a lot of other cases too. Again, I have absolutely no problem with police reforms... maybe if they weren't spending money enforcing drug laws they might have caught the people who committed crimes against me. But I do recognize the difference between "Lets get the police focused on stuff that matters" and "Lets abolish them".

Again: abolition is an acknowledgement that the institution as currently constructed is beyond reform. So even if you abolish police and create a different kind of police, their training, equipment, role and responsibilities would be significantly different from what we have now.

Well, parking violations involve vehicles that are stationary, so they're pretty easy to identify and "ticket". Moving violations (impaired driving, dangerous driving, etc.) involve cars that are, well, moving. Kind of hard to "catch" them in that situation unless whomever is enforcing the law is in a vehicle themselves. Plus, since the charges are against the driver (rather than the car owner) you need to actually apprehend them to identify them.

What about check stops?

I mean you could have a designated "traffic enforcement agency" that does what the cops do to enforce traffic laws, only without the "pulling people over for broken taillights to justify vehicle searches" part.
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