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Re: Defund the Police
« on: January 11, 2021, 10:25:41 pm »
Should anyone have half an hour, I would recommend you watch the following episode of Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver.

It covers the type of things we were talking about... "defund the police", the reliance of police on "combat training", police unions, qualified immunity (another huge problem that we should have brought up earlier).

I thought that John Oliver video was excellent and informative.  I have to point out the part where he talks about the slogan "Defund The Police" and talks about Tucker Carlson misrepresenting it and scaremongering with the idea that people are talking about eliminating the police entirely.  I mean, no **** people find "Defund The Police" alarming.  Of course people assume it means people are talking about eliminating the police entirely.  It's a terrible slogan that invites people to assume you're talking about eliminating the police.  Obviously people were alarmed. Obviously it made people hesitant about what was being advocated for.  If you have to choose a bumper-sticker length sound-bite to sum up your plan, you should try to pick a sound-bite that doesn't make average people think you're a wing-nut.

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