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Science is just a tool.  The universal language is love, and I am conversant in all of its dialects...

The Nazis were great at science, really really good.
But they really sucked at love so.  It's what people do with things like science or love or ball-peen hammers that matters. Our things are nothing and do nothing without us.  I meant that science is a universal language for aware beings interested in conversing with one another. If love is a universal language its probably pretty simple and more along the lines of 'I'd love to eat that thing' or 'I'd love it if that thing didn't eat me'.

You mentioned your love for the word interregnum. This could be it or it may just be the transition to one. The term is associated with a longer period of time between an old and new order as in the interregnum that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire. OTOH it could also be a quicker switch like the one the Black Death triggered.

The fact that people compete in games shows that you don't need a life struggle to drive yourself to do better.

I want to maybe look at the current situation and see if there are any answers coming to my questions.
People are one thing and something certainly matters more than the game when competing for fun. When competition is fun it suggests to me the cultural struggle to do better has been won. But when cultures compete its all fun and games until...well I guess cultures can also fall into the trap of playing the player instead of the ball. Decadence also seems to be something that precedes and attends the undoing of many cultures, they lose resiliency become brittle, it doesn't take much to knock them of their pedestals if they're unprepared and they can shatter into hundreds of pieces.  And a bunch of little newly isolated cultures are born. Technology may reduce the isolation and make the interregnum easier or shorter if the means to trade and communicate are still intact but OTOH it could also prolong the agony.  I always thought the Apocalypse would arrive with a bang but technology really seems to be dragging it out. The slow motion of it all is driving everyone nuts. 

Yes, but there is a fake idea of 'we' just as there is a fake idea of 'identity' or 'who am I'
What makes it fake? A feeling you generate or an impression you receive?  Science tells me I am little different from anyone else where it matters but culture says otherwise.  Maybe we could ask a more universal question like 'what am I' and compare the results. It seems easy enough to put ourselves in other people's shoes and easily see there really is a 'we' which kind of underscores the reality of my individuality.  I mean you're fairly certain I'm not a Russian bot right?