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Re: Conspiracy Culture
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You seem obsessed with quotas for some reason, which is not something anyone is asking for. To address the issue, you have to acknowledge that it exists and trust the people who say its an issue aren't making **** up. From that point on it's about changing attitudes of people like Jerry Seinfeld who have a lot of power and influence.

So you're not asking for quotas and believe people should be hired on merit alone?

The interviewer was basically criticizing Seinfeld for not having more female comedians on his show.  Is it Seinfeld's problem that there are more successful male comedians in the industry who are funny, in his assessment, than women?  Does that make him sexist?  Why should we trust some interviewers' insinuation that there's some kind of sexist imbalance on the show, or in the industry?  Why should we trust anyone making claims if they're unable to back up their claims with evidence?  As I've shown with basketball players and teachers, a disparity in gender or race isn't sufficient on its own to show there's racial or gender bias occurring in hiring, and yet people do it constantly.

We should be looking at social problems like this like social scientists, based on evidence, not making claims pulled out of our butts and then claiming some employer is sexist, racist, or whatever simply because of anecdotes and gender/race disparities, and then pressuring them to change hiring practices because things *appear* to some people to be unfair when there's little to no evidence that it actually is or not.

No, there are more people who happen to be good at basketball who are Black.

I agree.  Is it possible that there are more men who are good comedians than women?  If one disagrees with that statement, i think they'd need evidence it's wrong.

More women graduate university because more women go into university to get into fields like education and healthcare that are women-dominated (itself something of aa sexist relic). STEM fields are still male dominated. Also more men skip higher education and go into the workforce. There's plenty of other reasons, but no one is reducing it to

If more men graduated university than women for these exact same reasons you propose, some people would claim it is due to sexism, just as they do in STEM fields.  And they would bring forward this claim without any real evidence.  It sounds like people are pulling claims out of their rear end.  Nobody is going to say that more women graduate due to sexism.  Why?  Because there's no evidence to back up that claim.  Is it possible in our society we're sometimes reaching conclusion like this before actually investigating whether a claim is true or not? I find that likely.

What else would you look for?

I'm not sure.  Something that can be verified?  One study was conducted where the exact same resumes were sent to many employers and they just changed the names on them.  The resumes with POC sounding names got more callbacks for interviews than the white sounding names.  This is an effective study that shows racial bias was a factor in hiring because all variables were controlled for except for the ethnicity of the candidates names.
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