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Re: Conspiracy Culture
« Reply #210 on: March 10, 2021, 02:54:29 pm »
So you think there's a problem because of some anecdotes, and this is enough for Seinfeld to change his hiring practices?  5 of the 10 highest paid comedians are POC or women, including the top paid, and there's also Dave Chappelle who is up there with Kevin Hart in popularity but not on the list.  How do we as a society address a problem if we can't define it or know how big of a problem it is?  Surely we can figure something out. 

How do we know when we, like Seinfeld, should hire more women/POC?  And how do we know when we've hired enough women/POC?  Is it based on gut feelings?  Should numbers be equal (50/50 men vs women) or match what the census makeup of the general population is?  Should we just ballpark it and hire a bunch until it kinda looks good?

How do we know the lack of female comedians is due to sexism?  Maybe more men are good at making people laugh than women?  Funny women seem to do well, like Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Amy Schumer etc.  To what extent is the lack of women an industry problem or a "less woman are funny" problem?  To what extent is this Seinfeld's problem, or his responsibility to help fix?

You seem obsessed with quotas for some reason, which is not something anyone is asking for. To address the issue, you have to acknowledge that it exists and trust the people who say its an issue aren't making **** up. From that point on it's about changing attitudes of people like Jerry Seinfeld who have a lot of power and influence.

So black people are better at basketball than other races?

No, there are more people who happen to be good at basketball who are Black.

And women are smarter and/or harder working than men?

More women graduate university because more women go into university to get into fields like education and healthcare that are women-dominated (itself something of aa sexist relic). STEM fields are still male dominated. Also more men skip higher education and go into the workforce. There's plenty of other reasons, but no one is reducing it to

How is there an objective standard in these 2 examples and there isn't for people who are good at making other people laugh

Because humour, unlike hitting a jumper or getting good grades, is entirely subjective.

How are there more university grads who are women, and more female medical doctors graduating than men, but STEM is sexist because of lack of women?  Is the teaching professional or medical doctor profession sexist because of lower male graduates? Are anecdotes and number disparities sufficient to show sexism/racism?

What else would you look for?