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Re: Conspiracy Culture
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So when would it be appropriate to invoke the holocaust? I mean, China is shipping Uighurs to camps for "re-education" but I suppose you can't use the H word there because they aren't actually gassing them with Zyklon B.

Placing the holocaust off limits is gatekeeping bullshit.


You can't evoke the Holocaust because there has ever been such a case of killing on an industrial scale as the Polish death camps. Camps like Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and Buchenwald were in Germany and were not extermination camps. The people who died there were not just Jews and they died from malnutrition, disease and forced labour.

Maybe we could equate the Uighur re-education camps with Nazi camps if we really knew what was going on there but we hear a lot of claims about them that can't be verified. Some of the Soviet Gulags might be compared to Nazi camps because we know they had similar fatality rates.
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