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Re: Coffee Culture
« on: November 05, 2021, 12:38:12 pm »
1. 2. Recommend me something on both those fronts.
3. All coffee is drunk black in our house unless you are a valued guest.

If you’re happy with pre-ground Maxwell House through your $20 Black and Decker drip coffee maker, who am I to say that you’re wrong?  I would drink your coffee and likely be perfectly content with it. 

But I am not up on which drip coffee maker is a good one, or not.

I recommend you buy a good French press and a good grinder.   Watch the dude’s videos (above post) for how to make good French press coffee then experiment with it. 

But, you might not like French press coffee.  Or you might not want to spend more time making a coffee than dumping it in and pressing a button.  Or you might not want to spend money on a grinder.  If this is the case, ignore everything I just said cuz your coffee is perfect right now if you like it.