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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
« Reply #60 on: May 06, 2021, 03:49:38 pm »
I am.

You have professional organizations spreading vax disinfo in the US.   Hooray for freedom.

I agree that's a problem, but What does that have to do with Idaho banning CRT in schools?  I'm not saying there should never be limits on free speech.

I'm also ok with the government tracking purchases of organized criminals and tax cheats... No problem here.

Criminals sure that's fine.  You seem to be changing goal posts here and creating strawmen. 

What about the purchases of ordinary Canadians that have done no wrong?  Canadians are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 8, which exists to prevent EXACTLY these kinds of government oversteps: "Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure."
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