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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
« Reply #45 on: May 05, 2021, 05:43:00 pm »
First the bill explicitly mentions CRT before segueing into the list of things its forbidding.

Yes it does.  But what the bill forbids has nothing to do directly with CRT at all, which is why I don't understand people's outrage.  If the bill did ban CRT, especially in post-secondary schools, I could definitely understand the outrage.

Second it casts a broad enough brush over what constitutes discrimination that it's easy to see how it can be weaponized by bad faith actors who don't want to hear about white privilege or other CRT concepts that challenge the orthodoxy of American greatness.

I really don't think so.  It bans discrimination and funding for the teaching of it.  Further to this point:

I assume such things would already be forbidden under existing civil rights legislation so I have to ask what problem this bill and others like it actually solves.

Exactly.  There's not much going on with the bill.  Maybe it's meant to appease certain people clamoring over CRT.  Maybe it's written by people who legit want to ban CRT and social justice activism in schools etc but they know legally that it can't be done, so this watered down bill that criticizes CRT in the preamble but doesn't actually do anything about it is the best they can do.  The intent of the bill's creation seems a lot different than what the bill actually does, which is why i don't see much of a issue with it because all it says is "don't teach racism, sexism etc.", and everyone with a brain should agree on that.

And headlines like this are misinforming people and causing more outrage than is needed:

In terms of social division maybe we should look at the media's declining journalistic standards too.
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