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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
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1. I'm not up to date on exactly what "critical race theory" entails, but I believe it is goes beyond saying "racism is real".  It's nothing terribly new in the US... I recall Texas (one of the largest buyers of textbooks) leaning on publishers to do whitewashing on the history of slavery and the Civil War.

2. Don't Canadian provinces weigh in on curriculum in the same sort of way?  There was debate in BC over whether SOGI curriculum should be in schools. If I recall Ontario had the same sort of political fighting over SOGI curriculum. Didn't the Wynne government mandate SOGI to be in classrooms, and didn't the DOFO government mandate it back out?

1. Me too.  Let's look: an academic extension of 'civil rights' that seems to span post-modernist theory and establishes "white privilege" as a thing.  Ok.
2. I imagine it's different as the provinces establish the curriculum so they can just fight with their internal bureaucracy and ... well, likely just change it a bit.  I can't see there being too many impacts that the political arm in Ontario can have on curriculum.  I mean, the Ford government said they were going to do something but I don't think they did.  I guess that's an actual advantage of independent local school boards: the state government can posture and make noise about "can we think about the children bullshit" on political matters.