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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
« Reply #30 on: April 22, 2021, 04:28:16 pm »
I'm sure she's going to be cancelled straight into a bunch of appearances on FOX News and a lucrative gig with some Koch brothers think tank.

If wokies are surprised that they elevate relative nobodies into modest celebrities through their idiotic antics, they should look up the "Streisand Effect."

If Ms Pin gets to boost her cause on FOX News or a think tank, I'll consider that a good thing; I think she is doing something worthwhile. If that upsets the wokies, then even better.

Anyway I looked at her Twitter feed and it's humming along fine with no death threats or any of the other **** you said she's facing haunting her menchies,

I mentioned that this was a few weeks ago, yes?  I'm sure the fake outrage warriors have moved on to some other fake outrage. (I hear they're angry about not enough queer representation on Bluey The Dog.)

but I'm glad you still have your eye on what's important and not trivial stuff like state-mandated genital inspections of minors, state efforts to suppress votes and criminalize peaceful protests.

You're mad that I'm not talking about voter suppression in the Cancel Culture thread?

Also TIL that TERFS have their own version of "based and red-pilled" called "peaking". Cult ****.

"Peak trans" is the moment when former liberal feminists reach the breaking point with trans activists. "A trans woman came to my PCOS support group and started policing everybody's language" for example. Sharing your "peak trans" moment used to be an introduction on the Reddit gendercritical group, before Reddit banned them.  Lots of groups have similar things, including the transes (they refer to it as their "egg" hatching-- usually involves jerking off to lesbian p0rn, as I recall).

Masked for your safety.