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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
« Reply #15 on: April 22, 2021, 03:39:15 pm »
There's a woman named Jessica Pin. As a young woman she was permanently harmed during a cosmetic labiaplasty procedure, and she has made it her mission to advocate for better medical literacy about female sexual anatomy.  A few weeks ago she got into trouble on Twitter with the wokies.  They were angry at her for using "female anatomy" to refer to the clitoris and labia minora.  (These are the same kind of people who get mad if you refer to FGM as FGM, and pretty much the same people who said "I Stand With People In Poland!" in regard to Poland's anti-abortion laws.)  So, the wokies started bombarding her with "eat glass, transphobe!", "educate yourself", "drink bleach, TERF!" and so on, even though she had never been part of the "gender wars" and didn't even know what TERF means.  Referring to female anatomy as female is enough to make you a TERF nowadays.  The wokies also bombarded a couple of podcasts that she had been schedule to speak on with accusations of transphobia, and she was dropped.

I'm sure that a small-time figure being dropped from a couple of minor podcasts is not going to keep anybody up at night, but I think it illustrates the problem.   Anybody who isn't a complete moron can recognize that the wokies attacking Ms Pin are deranged fanatical imbeciles, but the problem isn't whether they're right or wrong, it's that the accusation exists.  If you're the operator of one of those podcasts, the danger to you is that the accusation of transphobia is the only thing that anybody hears about. Anybody who bothered to look into the matter would realize that it was a ridiculous controversy, but for most people all they would see is the surface and what you see on the surface is a bunch of reviews accusing them of "hosting a known transphobe".

Efforts to "cancel" JK Rowling or Joe Rogan are doomed to fail because they're big enough that they can simply ignore whatever "consequences" the wokies try to inflict on them. But Jessica Pin and the small-time podcasts she was dropped from aren't in the same position.

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