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Re: Cancel Culture Culture
« on: March 19, 2021, 05:58:25 am »
Let's adopt Smith's axiom.  Take Woody Allen's exclamation that "the heart wants what it wants" to cover art, and his art as well.

If you want to financially boycott, you can do so.  You can also "steal" movies if you don't want Woody to get $ from watching.

Some other things to add:

1. If the people who OWN the rights feel that they don't want to cash in anymore, due to embarrassment or any other reason then they can do that.

2. We can also express displeasure at "ugliness" in our society, whether it's an ugly building, garbage in the streets, or poor values being displayed.  If you disagree with Cardi B, WAP, low or high hemlines, depiction of LGBT in film, Dixie Chicks, Hustler, public nudity, interracial fraternizing on The Dating Game or in Comic Books, or the flag - PLEASE SAY SO.  The results will come out in the wash of public dialogue.  Most of these things will not be "banned" but you might succeed in getting a content warning, or a brown wrapper being put on it.

3. America and 'the west' are becoming more accepting of identity politics, as hard as it is to believe.  So things are going to change.

4. There is no 'public' that can support an academic-level debate on postmodern themes.  To imagine that there is one single audience for such a debate is folly.  People should be happy that there is a general change for the better and not EXPECT new concepts like invented pronouns to be adopted widely.

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