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Re: Bargain Culture
« Reply #60 on: October 25, 2018, 03:06:16 am »
Ever browse Amazon and find something hilariously overpriced? Some product where 5 sellers have it listed for $20-30 and a sixth seller has it listed for $387.46? 

I always picture some guy thinking to himself "I only need to sell one of them!" but in reality it's probably somebody's currency conversion script has a bug in it, or some application posted the listing and screwed up, or something of that nature. Probably no human really expects to sell a pair of off-brand slippers for $387.46.

I stumbled across the opposite today.  A brand name product listed by some Chinese seller at what has to be a mistake.  It's a Timbuk2 bag that usually retails for $80 or more, and it one seller had it listed at $6.80 (+$5 shipping).  I ordered it, just to see what happens.  Best case, I actually get what I ordered at the price I ordered it at.  Worst case I'm out $12.  In between case is I complain about it to Amazon and I get my $12 back.   I don't even really need the bag very much, I'm just stoked at the idea of getting it for $12.

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