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%&^% Baby Toys
« on: August 31, 2019, 08:06:49 am »
Check this out:

So we're evolving as parents, including time management and consumer life.  So we are basically turning into normies.  We get excited about shopping for groceries, we get upset when the place is even a little messy, tending to the lawn... etc..

And we buy from Facebook marketplace now - which is like Red-Bulled Craigslist.  Stuff comes up fast, cheap and close to where you live.  We watch for stuff we need and pounce for the mega-deals.  We got a NEW full-sized Ikea couch for $75.

So these toys came up - a big trove of 'toys' for $20.  We snatched 'em up and so the parent evolution continues:

- You have to cull the toys
- You have to inspect toys for safety etc.
- You should probably interview the talking toys lest you hate them.

Talking toys are not new, but the new ones have software and motion-sensing to them.  I was in the basement awhile back, and I heard a girlish kitty voice, presumably triggered by the vibration of my footsteps, intone something creepy.  It was probably something like "will you be my friend ?" but it might as well have been "how much time do you have left ?".  My heart did jump in any case.  I just fled, and I don't know if the toy is still down there but I have to remember to review toys for annoyability (of me and Joan)

Here, pictured, is an example: It's an electric guitar with a turntable on it, kinda, and when you dial up a number it sings a song teaching the number and/or the animal on it in a VERY ANNOYING VOICE.  Plus every button and switch offers some variation and I think the fretboard allows baby to pretend to play along or something.

Anyway, I feel that Easy only has a passing interest in this stuff which is great.  We're playing music for him and that he LOVES.  Fine with me.

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