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Re: Auto Racing
« Reply #75 on: October 25, 2020, 09:43:31 pm »
Bottas is in a tough spot. He is in the same position the team mates of any great driver. Being Hamiltonís or Verstappenís teammate right now is like being Schumacherís teammate back when he was winning five straight. Nico Rosberg was a heck of a driver but he only reason he beat Hamilton in 2016 was Hamilton had some really bad luck. I would like to see Russell at Mercedes though.

I give credit to Bottas for wanting softs, he knew he had to try something different. It means he hadnít given up.

You forget, Rosberg also raced Hamilton hard enough that he would run into him, or force Hamilton to make mistakes...  Rosberg had no qualms of running Hamilton off the road, if necessary.    HUGE difference in how Rosberg raced him vs Bottas.