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Re: Auto Racing
« Reply #75 on: October 25, 2020, 08:51:53 pm »
Lots of corners, but still some good passing and side-by-side racing.  Entertaining race.  Too bad Stroll blew it...  I know dad owns the team....  but I'm starting to think they might be getting rid of the wrong driver... 

Albon is not long at Red Bull anymore...  he is way too far behind Max.  Perez maybe?

Perez has shown himself to be a top driver. He and Hulkenberg should both still be in F1. Perez should get a ride somewhere considering his talent and how much money he brings to the table. Stroll has had a rough few weeks with Covid and some DNF's that weren't his fault. The jury is still out but Perez is in a different league right now.

The Red Bull looks like a difficult car to drive and only Max seems able to tame it. Should Gasly get another shot? He sure is doing well in the AlphaTauri but can he tame the Red Bull? Perez and Max might be a really good pairing but I think Red Bull will be reluctant to give up on their young drivers. Perez at Williams maybe? Russell is their best driver and shows real promise but Latifi brings big bucks. On the other hand, Russell is a Mercedes protege and how much say do they have. The silly season is sillier than usual this year.
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