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Re: Auto Racing
« Reply #60 on: October 05, 2020, 06:26:44 pm »
Wilburrr, not burning fossil fuels for sport is always going to be more environmentally friendly than burning them in any manner. But otherwise I agree that they are clean burning engines because of efficiency/weight concerns.

However, I have offered up golf as being an environmentallly unfriendly sport as a runner-up to car racing. A clever person could maybe even turn that into the worst sport from an environmentally friendly POV.

But first of all, do you believe in climate change science? I think that most who love car racing probably don't!

!240 NHL games are played by visiting NHL teams every year. Those teams don't fly commercial, they use charters so that is 1240 extra flights a year to play NHL hockey. That also goes for major league football, baseball and basketball teams. Don't give me a bunch of bullshit about emissions from 20 cars doing 22 under two hour races a year. 20 cars with the most efficient hybrid systems in existence.

Do you believe in climate change science or not?
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