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Re: Auto Racing
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What issue am I dodging? I have pointed out to you that F1 is at the leading edge of technology with by far the most thermally efficient ICE powerplants in existence, with the intention of running them on synthetic carbon neutral fuels in the near future. I have also pointed out that because of the limited number of events it is likely much more carbon friendly than many other professional sports. You can put the entire F1 circus on a single 747 freighter to move it anywhere in the world for a race. All ten teams are located in three European countries, six of them in the UK so it ls not like they are coming from all over.

If you have an issue with facts, that's your problem, not mine.

There are many sports that don't particularly interest me and some that I just don't like but that doesn't mean they shouldn't exist, or that others shouldn't be allowed to enjoy them.
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