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Re: Auto Racing
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We're getting the number of posts up on this board considerably now.

Less so than auto racing because the exorbitant waste of petroleum based fuels is an insult to the science of climate change. At least golf does it in an inactive sense by turning treed spaces into huge lawns.

F1 powerplants are the most efficient ICE systems in existence, over 50% thermal efficiency. If you drive a car, it is probably less than 30% efficient. F1's plan is to transition to synthetic fuels derived from recaptured CO2 combined with hydrogen.

As far as other emissions are concerned, they are probably less for 22 events a year than they are for hockey, basketball or baseball leagues playing over 80 games a year.

PS. There are 31 NHL teams that play 80 regular season games a year. That's 1240 games a year that involved an away team travelling to each one of them.

Plus playoffs.
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