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Re: Auto Racing
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Kimi is likely to retire.  I think Haas would be a better fit for Perez, but Iím sure any F1 team will do!

Stroll is a billionaire with billionaire backers.  He bought Aston Martin to get the marque into F1.  Aston Martin wasnít equipped to do anything like this until Stroll came along. 

I had no idea that Vettel didnít do endorsements.  (Other than team obligations to their sponsors probably, right?).  Iíve always liked Vettel as a driver.

Apparently Stroll owns 17% of Aston Martin but that probably makes him the largest shareholder. I found out about Vettel not doing endorsements in an article about the world highest paid athletes. He and Hamilton were the only ones in the top 40 although Verstappen and Leclerc will probably be on the next one .
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