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Re: Auto Racing
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Prognosticators are mentioning Alfa Romeo as a possibility for Perez. Will Kimi retire or will they replace him? I don't see an Italian team getting rid of Giovinazzi, the only Italian driver currently in F1.

Kimi is likely to retire.  I think Haas would be a better fit for Perez, but Iím sure any F1 team will do!


Racing Point (Aston Martin) must be rolling in cash if they can afford to dump a driver who brings big sponsorship bucks for a driver who demands millions in salary. An interesting fact about Vettel, he is one of the few (maybe the only) high profile athlete who doesn't do endorsement deals.

Stroll is a billionaire with billionaire backers.  He bought Aston Martin to get the marque into F1.  Aston Martin wasnít equipped to do anything like this until Stroll came along. 

I had no idea that Vettel didnít do endorsements.  (Other than team obligations to their sponsors probably, right?).  Iíve always liked Vettel as a driver. 
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