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Re: Auto Racing
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Oh okay, now it all makes sense. First I was picturing something like the cheese wedges that Packers fans wear on their heads.  Then I was thinking maybe the Pizza Helmet was an honorary thing, kind of like the Yellow Jersey in bicycle racing.

I just did some quick math...  these cars can apparently go up to 340 km/h, and at that speed 0.13 seconds is a gap of 12 meters, which is about 2.5 car lengths.  So if they were racing next to each other it would look like a big difference.


Norris is becoming  known for his different helmets. At the British Grand Prix it was the one designed by the six year old.

Remember, it is a road course, not a straight line or oval, The fastest qualifying speed was 264 KPH average and that 0.13 seconds is the difference over a distance of 5.8 km. The difference between pole and second was seven one hundreds of a second.
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