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Re: Auto Racing
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His helmet is painted up as a pepperoni pizza. He says pizza is his favourite thing about Italy

Oh okay, now it all makes sense. First I was picturing something like the cheese wedges that Packers fans wear on their heads.  Then I was thinking maybe the Pizza Helmet was an honorary thing, kind of like the Yellow Jersey in bicycle racing.

The went through his qualifying lap compared to his teammate Sainz and the tiny things that make so much difference The difference between the two was 0.13 seconds. That 0.13 seconds was the difference between third and sixth on the grid. The difference between pole and second was 0.069 seconds.

I just did some quick math...  these cars can apparently go up to 340 km/h, and at that speed 0.13 seconds is a gap of 12 meters, which is about 2.5 car lengths.  So if they were racing next to each other it would look like a big difference.

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