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Re: Auto Racing
« Reply #30 on: September 02, 2020, 09:19:52 am »
Iím of the opinion that there should be A LOT less electronics, drive modes, etc in F1 cars.  Itís crazy.  I think they should get rid of tire sensors...  make them manage the race by driver feel.  Race engineers telling drivers when to do every little thing is getting ridiculous, imo.

Not to take away from Norrisí last 2 laps of this race, since every driver is coached like this probably, but this video shows how ridiculous it is now...

Going to a single engine mode will probably get rid of a lot of that, no party modes or push to pass but letís face it, these are the most advance hybrid systems in existence.  As long as the tires they are using are so critical, I think they need tire monitoring. Wish they would go back to the days when tires went the whole race. You could still have a mandatory stop for a tire change and teams could adjust their strategy to get the best out of them. Maybe it isnít possible with the downforce these cars generate.
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