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Re: Auto Racing
« on: August 03, 2020, 06:27:55 pm »
Mercedes running away with it again until Bottas has a tire failure two laps before the end and winds up 11th, Hamilton has the same tire fail on the last lap with a 30 second lead but manages to still cross the line 5 seconds ahead.

Quite a dull race, until the last 5 laps!   That was interesting.  There was a bunch of chatter about the tyres not being good enough that Pirelli put out, but who says the hard tyres have to last 50 laps.  It's better for the fans if they do wear out.  Apparently, the tyre compounds are going to be softer across the board for the next race, so it will make it interesting.

As much as Mercedes is far and away the better car this year, it's still very interesting with the rest of the pack.

Poor Ferrari....  ugh.  :'(
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